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Contest, Contest, Contest

It begins today, Dec. 1st. What? you ask. My contest, I answer. I love contests. Recently, I've won some great books by entering just about every one that I've seen mentioned. Fun. My table is stacked high with future entertainment. More about the books I've won later. Now, to get into the act, I'm having my own giveaway. It's easy and painless. All you have to do is leave a comment (please say something nice) and your email and you're entered. If you tweet the post, tell me and you get an extra entry.

What can you win? The book of your choice from my published works. Here they are: Caves, Cannons, and Crinolines, Just Breeze, Rebel in Blue Jeans, Secrets I Have Kept, Listen to the Ghost.

The contest ends Mon. Dec. 6. Winner will be announced and email sent.

Books make awesome gifts too, for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.

Have fun and happy reading.

Book Signing

Quote of the Week: "Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever." Unknown. HAPPY 98th BIRTHDAY, MOTHER, IN HEAVEN.

The characters have taken over today. They want to tell you where you can meet them.

Greetings, everyone. My name's Elizabeth (everyone calls me Lizzie) Stamford. I'm fourteen and live in Vicksburg, Mississippi, which once was a beautiful place located on the banks of the Mississippi River. Then the Federal Army decided Vicksburg was important, since it would give them control of the river, and they will stop at nothing, even to starving us, to take control. I would love to meet you, so if you're in the area of Wichita Falls, Texas, next Saturday, here's where my family and I will be:

2801 Southwest Parkway
Wichita Falls, TX
Saturday, July 17, 2010
From 2 to 6 PM
We'll be waiting to meet you and perhaps share a cup of tea.

Nathan (Nat) here. I'm Lizzie's brother. Even though I'm taller than Lizzie, she calls me her little brother since I'm only 12. Now I love my sister, but Lizzie sometimes is headstrong and doesn't listen to what I say. You see, since our older brothers are in Virginia, Father put me in charge when he is at the hospital tending the sick and wounded. But Lizzie ignores my advice. She even ... I'd best not give what she does away. She is right about us wanting to meet you though. We will see you Saturday, if you live close by.

I must see what mischief Lizzie is involved in now.